be kind festival

slow music. slow food. slow.

6 & 7 October 2023

Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

The festival enters its 2nd round: be kind presents two 3-act evenings of genre-spanning music in the spectacular brewhouse of the old Berlin Kindl brewery in Neukölln.

Its unique architecture from the 30s, with its enormous boilers and mighty cathedral reverb, forms the impressive ambience for Berlin musicians* who conjure up space-resonating sonic ideas and specially tailored concepts for this extraordinary venue.
The Berlin live scene will be presented in all its facets, in an equal and diverse way; our program spans baroque, transcultural music and contemporary jazz, merging with experimental sound art.

be kind festival sees itself as a utopian island of deceleration. In the midst of the hectic big city, it wants to create a place where the joy of slowness can be rediscovered.
Each ticket includes a vegan festival dish, freshly prepared by local café Babette, deepening the communal experience of artist*s and audience through the shared ritual of eating.

"be kind has succeeded in launching a festival that is ambitious but not over-programmed. Honest, down-to-earth, minimalist almost, but at the same time always magical, poetic and a bit far away from the world. " - Victoriah Szirmai (HiFi-IFAs)

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